Irvine Techhub is a purpose-driven, forward-thinking community of altruistic techies and tech enthusiasts who share a common love of creating wonderful things to help those around them.   A community interface program of PeopleSpace, Inc., a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit serving social entrepreneurs worldwide since 2013.   

Non-profit Incubator

An incubator providing tech startups with concierge services in exchange for equity.  

We incubate founders attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology.  Our incubator guides startup teams through the process of turning their project into a startup through a product and growth focused program that includes mentors from 500 startups, YCombinator and Techstars.


Working with only 4–6 startups per quarter to ensure that your company gets the attention it needs.  We focus entirely on your startup’s development and fundraising.  Culminates with a week of investor meetings for the best chance at raising funds.


Rent Free, Weekly dinners, optional outings & investor week events.  

Application Process

Quarterly applications are peer-reviewed, the high-scoring applicants meet investorsEach founder receives quality feedback.  No limit to the number of times a startup can apply


Applications are blind with no mention of gender, age, ethnicity, or education.  Increases the diversity of founders and startups.  Educating our investors to look beyond pattern matching.  Expanding into hardware, clean tech, and robotics to serve more founder


Because we do not invest, we provide founders with the freedom to raise funds or exit startups in any way they prefer.  As a result, more startups survive and founders are happier


Participation in the Co-op requires a 2% equity stake. 1 of the 2% will be placed in a pool shared by all startups in a class, mentors and team of the cohort.  Each startup holds advisory shares in every other startups.   PeopleSpace Team handpicked mentors and advisors who we personally know and have worked with for years. Whether it’s technology, growth or design, you’ll find a mentor who can help.

Learning Center

We’re here to empowering the next generation of coders, app developers, game designers, engineers, and innovators. Come and join us during our Saturday hands on workshops!


Social Media Marketing

Web Content Writing

Digital Market Research

Interactive e-Survey Strategies

Email Marketing and Strategies

Use AI and machine learning  

Predict customer churn

Forecast seasonal sales

Detect fraud

Trade off between IT budgets and business growth

New list-price vs. second-user IT hardware

Buy vs. Build

Second-user finance for licensing

Mixing Open Source

IT accounting and finance

3D Printing

We print!  Send us your design for a FREE Quote.   

Irvine Techhub specializes in low cost small plastic parts in short runs without tooling costs.  It's a fancy way of saying we can make small plastic parts for cheap.   From NO LONGER AVAILABLE oem parts to whatever your prototyping needs may be, we have the 3D printing capabilities and expertise to get you what you need for a low price.   Send us your part or object (broken or not) and we will model it in 3D and then print out a replica on our 3D printers. Contact us for a quote.

Printing Capability: We can print objects up to 12 inch x 12 inch x 12 inch (300 x 300 x 300 mm) (L x W x H) in Hard plastic (ABS, PETG, PLA) or soft plastic (Polyurethane)


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