The Way We Work

1. Release of liability

1.1 Waiver: You must have a signed waiver in file to enter the building. If you are not certain you have one in file, fill out a new one.   

1.2. Hold Harmless. Visitors, members, and others who enter at Techhub hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless Techhub and its directors, members, volunteers, building owners from and against any liability as a result of any harm, damage, loss suffered to said visitors, their work, equipment used, personal property or personal injury suffered during the participation or attendance.  


2. Facilities

2.1. Open Hours: Usually 9am-6pm or whenever a key holding member is in the building.  Ask about how to become a key holding member.

2.2. 100% Communal. You may not store personal belongings. All space is communal space. Any equipment left is done at your own risk and may be "borrowed" by others indefinitely. 

2.3. Donated or loaned items may be damaged or removed, and we are not liable. 

2.4. Parking. No overnight parking. Cars parked in other tenant's spaces or left unattended may be towed at owner's expense.

2.5. Sleeping. No one may use the building or its parking as a private place.

2.6. Keep the Place Nice. Please clean up any mess you make. We have cleaning supplies in the kitchen closet.

2.7. Animals. No pets. The landlord has forbidden them in our lease.

2.8. Breaking Things. If you break things, you are financially responsible for replacing them.

2.9. Donations. Before you bring in a donation, please contact the director to be sure an item will be useful to the membership. Otherwise, you may be charged recycling/rubbish fee. Some things are always welcome such as cash.

2.10. Dangerous and Otherwise Awesome Moves and techniques. Please always be considerate of the safety of other people. 

2.11. Refrigerator. Anything left at refrigerator will be thrown away on Friday 6pm.

2.12. Rogue teaching. No one other than the designated instructor may conduct a class. Do not hold your own class. Do not teach others. 

2.13. Internet: Use at your own risk.  There is no SLA in place with COX internet provider.  No unattended internet device allowed.   Heavy bandwidth user or anything that may "potentially" affect QoS will be removed without prior notice.  You will be billed for removal expense.   

2.14. Servers & Devices:   No overnight servers and devices.  Anything "capable" of using electricity or using internet bandwidth is considered a server or device.  Heavy power consumption devices will be removed at the owner's expense without prior notice.  

2.15. Ambiguity: If anything is not clearly spelled out in your opinion or find yourself trying to find a loophole, the answer is NO.  Don't do it, don't bring it in, don't ask, don't negotiate unless you are going to pay cash money for it.      

3. Membership

3.1. Membership. Membership dues are official. Discounts available for case by case basis. The credit card processing is done by 3rd party. We do not hold your credit card info. The membership dues are auto recurring, but you can cancel the future renewals.

3.2. Unused portion of dues. are evaporated. Please do not ask for partial credit or transfer or substitutions. 

3.3. Refund. All sales are finals. No refunds, transfers, assignments, credits or extensions. We do issue refund if charging occurs on our error.

3.4. Guests. Guests are welcome, and are encouraged to tour only with a designated guide. 

3.5. Children. Children are NOT allowed.  Other members have reported a disruption in their work. 

3.6. Not a Public Facility. You and your guests may be asked to leave any time without a stated reason.

4.  Before the Classes of Event:

4.1. Approval. The event must be approved by the director. Please do not advertise your event externally until it has been approved.

4.2. Set up props. It is up to you to locate the location of projectors or other supplies you may need to run your event.

4.3. Room arrangement. If you want the room arranged in a specific way that is something you need to do yourself, and put it back to the way it was when you are done. If you need a large chunk of set up time, it is suggested that you create a separate event to do so.

4.4. Contractors. All contractors must be licensed, bonded, and name us as additional insured. 

4.5. City permit. You are responsible for obtaining the permit, if needed.

4.6. RSVP. Members can RSVP to an event host at least up to 24 hours in advance to reserve space to attend. If an event has space left after considering RSVPs, members can be in it with or without a reservation.

4.7. Cancellation. If you need to cancel your event for whatever reason, it is your responsibility to do so both in the Irvine Techhub event calendar, as well as any external event systems.

4.8. Irvine Techhub Branding. Any event with the name “Irvine Techhub” in the title must be approved by the director.

5.  During the Event:

5.1. Parking. We have strict parking rules that you need to convey to your guests. If your event is large enough you may need a staff member to valet/ direct parking.

5.2. Presence. You must be present and supervising during your entire event.

5.3. Right to Charge. Event hosts may charge for events and materials provided, provided they understand that members may sit in without paying.

5.4. Member Rights. Members have the right to attend your event for free. This does not mean that they are entitled to tangible resources such as food, class supplies, etc.

6. After the Event:

6.1. Cleanup. You must leave Irvine Techhub in the condition you found it in. This includes hauling away excess garbage that does not fit in the dumpster. 

6.2. Damages. You are held responsible for any damages to Irvine Techhub facilities during your event.

6.3. Supplies. Please refill supplies consumed, especially if yours is a large event as your guests will be using shared resources such as toilet paper, paper towels, and more.

6.4. Structured Layout Rooms. A structured layout room is a room where the furniture is a) recommended not be moved and b) the layout of the room (furniture and similar) must be returned to how it was after use. 

6.5. Postevent Audit. If Irvine Techhub is not back to the original condition, we will bill you (consumable, clean up, reorganization...) and you agree to pay.

7. Policy Process

7.1. No Reimbursements. Irvine Techhub does not reimburse. Do not spend your own money without prior written approval.

7.2. Do-ocracy. If you have a change you want to see happen, lead the way. 

7.3. Vendors. Use approved vendors only.

7.4. Contracts: No one other than the director is allowed to engage Irvine Techhub in a contract. 

8. Director's Discretion. 

8.1. Director has the discretionary review for all policies and may change policies at will without prior notice. For example, the director may override rules incompatible with state laws, our lease, safety, good taste, common sense, or vision of Tech Hub. 

8.2. Director's decision is final.



Still need help?

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