• You are comfortable with teaching stuff 
  • You are an all-heart person
  • You have the capacity to swing a hammer, wield a power drill and do light construction work in a team, or the willingness to learn
  • You will help us paint the walls, or you're willing to learn
  • You have a background in copy writing, professional writing, either grant or corporate communications
  • You have access to a pickup truck and are willing to help us haul stuff.
  • You are a lawyer, architect, electrician, CPA, or other certified professional and willing to lend those skills (even in an advisory role)
  • You have an interest in design/media/marketing work
  • You have another awesome skill you think we could use!


Organizers:  handles the management side of things; make sure we have space, sponsors, loaner laptops, and more.  These are the folks who put together and staff our tables at events, design our flyers and postcards, connect with schools and libraries, help design our website, and generally help make sure that people get the best experience when they’re interacting with us outside of the Saturday meetups.  Eventbrite / Facebook / Meetup admin, Media (photos, videos, social media, PR, marketing, sponsors)

Curriculum committee: Our goal is to get kids to a point where they can build an app. We’ve chosen JavaScript as our Lingua Franca because they can create web apps, server apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps using JavaScript. We need people to evaluate and rate online JavaScript teaching sites as well as creating projects that we can use to supplement them. We need people to create projects where we can give the kids a break from the weekly grind with something new or a cool way to use things they’re learning. For example… a 90-minute workshop on creating Minecraft mods with ScriptCraft, or a 90-minute workshop on making a game art.

Teaching committee: OC Tech Hub runs completely due to the awesomeness of Volunteer Teaching Staff from local high schools.   The volunteers donate their time and talent as instructors. The teaching staff usually float during the event, and help families with programming questions.  We need volunteers who can help with,