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Labdoo is in social justice project aimed at reducing the gap in free source of education (FSE) using humanitarian social network.  Labdoo, along with The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) & the Intel ClassMate projects are committed to providing computers to children in developing countries.   Local students donate, and rebuild the laptops, and travelling volunteers carry the laptops to destination.  Each donor receives a photo, and a personal thank you note from a matched recipient.  Monthly Labdoo laptop build parties are held at beautiful and innovative space in PeopleSpace. 

How does it work?

Global Progress: 5,433 Doojects tagged    743 Doojects in transit    3,217 Doojects delivered    143 Hubs    485 Edoovillages   119,084 Students    104 Countries   

How it works:

A video log on a laptops' journey to schools in Zambia and Tanzania