During each session, volunteer teaching staff builds the meaningful relationship with each child which in turn serves the whole child and the whole family.   The children learn from a structured, and goal-oriented system with emphasis on encouragement and reaching their full potential.  

  1. The child benefits from fun learning environment
  2. The mentors look for the area of improvement in a child.
  3. The child develops leadership and life skills necessary in a real life.

Our key success factors are;

Technology is Fun
Our program ensures that kids understand the value of learning and the importance of FUN!

Character and Leadership
The value of going beyond the minimum required to finish an exercise.  We develop a whole child and whole family. We establish high expectations and help young people develop a moral character and ethical behavior.  

Safe, and Positive Environment  
We teach with encouragement in mind.  The age-appropriate training creates an emotional safe area to overcome a lack of self-confidence from lack of accomplishments.   

We give positive reinforcement and recognition as they make improvements and experience successes.   

Scratch – Anything developed on the Scratch platform from amazing games to animations. 

Websites – Finding activities to keep you occupied over the summer or getting the history of your town. The websites category is for websites which showcase or inform people and were built using HTML, CSS and Javascript. 

Hardware – Robots, machines and hacks. The hardware category is for projects that use hardware, like the Intel Galileo, Raspberry Pi, Arduino or any hardware platform, to change the physical world around them using code. machines and hacks. The hardware category is for projects that use hardware, like the Intel Galileo, Raspberry Pi, Arduino or any hardware platform, to change the physical world around them using code. 

Applications (Mobile) – This applications category is for interactive mobile apps which help, inform or entertain people 

Games - 
The games category is for every kind of game made in any language on any technology. This category excites and engages at every level and we encourage members to develop games that excite all those who attend. 

Advanced studies – This encompasses the members who have taken their projects to the next level, it includes the latest and greatest real web applications, enterprise projects that members have launched and advanced language computation such as C++. This category is a mix of complex computing projects. 

MOOC curators
Independent Study group: 2-3 hours
Harvard's CS50:…/introduction-computer-science-harvard…
Stanford's CS101: 

Both are free, self-paced, and online. 1 to 5 ratio; 10 kids, 2 mentors for the pilot. 

Curriculum explained

Beginners Specific
We’ve found’s tutorials are a great and gentle way for beginners to get started with programming. It’s all drag-and-drop and guides you through solving simple coding logic problems so you can get the hang of coding without having to write complex code. Quick Links to stuff we use in Dojo (or think is useful at home)

Flappy Bird
Get an easy 20-minute intro to coding by building Flappy Bird.
The Hour of Code: Step up to a bit more involved sets of coding problems with the Hour of Code.
K-8 Intro to Computer Science: This should take you 15-25 hours to complete and introduce you and your child to a number of interesting concepts, all while continuing to use’s simple drag-and-drop interface.
How to make a website: Step by step guide to a Wordpress website by Robert Mening

Girl Specific

Made with Code
Storytelling ALICE 
LEGO robotics
Agent Cubes-in-a-box
The New Boston

Making games with Python - 6 weeks work shop We’ll explore the book Invent Your Own Computer Games With Python. You can buy it from Amazon or download a PDF for free (it’s Creative Commons licensed). This will require installing Python 3 on your (or your child’s) laptop. While we’ll try to get a couple of loaners set up with Python, we may not have any the first week. If you’ve got Python experience, feel free to volunteer to help.