A purpose driven community of altruistic 
techies who shares a common love of creating
wonderful things for those around them. 



Let's unwind! We are a tech hub in Irvine, CA where hackers and founder can socialize and collaborate.  Meet the Hackers & Founders Southern California



Check out free weekly classes at PeopleSpace community SchoolThere is lots to do here!  From group "fix-it" days, computing classes or even just hanging out, you'll find something to keep you busy!


Accelerate with Us

Join us and have fun.    Pre-accelerator is offered through PeopleSpace Pre-Accelerator program.  It's a developmental incubator for super early-stage start ups.

Meetup Groups

Meetups Rock!

PeopleSpace meetup, lectures, show and tell, BarCamps, DevHouses, LAN parties, hackathons, brainstorming and meetups. you name it, we support it.

What We Are:
The missions are about 1/3 women-in-tech, 1/3 incubator, 1/3 kids-in-tech,1/3 for H/F Irvine, and remaining 1/3 for stuff we haven't even thought of yet. We welcome visitors to many of our lectures and classes. We are a community space first and foremost - this means that the focus of the layout and activities is to lend itself to be a useful place to throw classes, host parties, brainstorm, and hang out.  

Annual Membership:
Our operating fund comes from annual membership. Are you interested in becoming a member and helping support a unique institution in Irvine? We are a membership organization, so this whole thing is about YOU! :)   

We are looking to build relationships with companies that want to get involved with the Irvine Area technology community on both a financial and an educational basis. If you'd like to have a space to teach people about how to use your technologies and get feedback from the developer community, we could be a great fit for your company.

Corporate Sponsorship: 
There are many projects and ways you can help sponsor. If you are looking to extend your brand or hire engineers, please get in touch to discuss sponsorship packages. Please read more about becoming an official sponsor. Visit here. 

Share and Learn:
All members are welcome to share what they know. Irvine Techhub is the place for fostering technology leadership, the appreciation of technology, and open-minded dialogue on contemporary technical issues.